Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sick and Tired.

I am sick and tired of finding myself in the same spiritual condition over and

over. I hate the fact that I find myself repeating the same sins, the same dirty sins,

over… and over. It seems as if I’m stuck in a never-ending cycle of me going back to

God, continually asking for forgiveness. Uttering different prayers that spell out the

same message. I’ve been making promises that have been broken too many times. It

has begun to lose its worth. The line between right and wrong blurs in the process.

Justification for wrong doing suddenly becomes necessary whilst all that is right

becomes almost obsolete. At this point, Satan has a grip. He’s holding the reins.

He’s continually feeding me the same lies, each with a different taste. I have the

intentions to do the will of God, but the want to dwell in the Devil’s playground. His

toys seem so attractive yet, with each touch, they burn away the essence of God. The

feeling of being trapped is ever present.

God is crying out for me, and He’s crying out for you. Too many of us get

caught up in our lives and our daily sins, not realizing who we’re giving the control

to. We whined up getting sick with sin and getting tired of dealing with it. This

leaves us vulnerable to the enemy. God wants nothing but the best for us, so why

don’t we allow Him to intervene? Let him release us of the chains of defeat. No more

time to be sick and tired, it’s time to be healed and awakened. Let God take the

wheel, He’s a better driver than you.

Written by: KASEY REID

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