Monday, 10 December 2012

Idol Worship

I learnt over the period of couple weeks the true meaning of " Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit," Yes, I know it in theory but it never truly sunk in until recently.. that I was trying to do everything on my own. I was trying to get an education on my own.... I was trying to forge my path for my life on my own. I thought making my plans then asking God to bless it meant that I was depending on God and that I was doing the things that He wanted  but in truth and in fact that very actions was a very blatant display of my lack of trust in God. How many times have you done that? Made your plans for the day, for your schooling  for your career, for family or your life THEN ask God to bless it. You look God in the face say ' ok God I don't really trust what you have planned I know whats best for my life so here's whats gonna happen... this is the plan I drew up and I need you to bless it'. That isn't trusting God that's idolising Him, and by idolising I mean turning Him into an Idol.  God is not and idol, He isn't something you keep on a shelf and only take down and dust off when you want blessings over a plan or and investment. He is a sovereign being meaning He has thoughts and plans, unlike the stone cold idol that most of us make Him out to be... he has  plans for your life, that if you followed you would have the definition of a fulfilling of life.
So I learnt that lesson a couple weeks ago, and I decided that I'm done doing this by myself I was done questioning God. I was gonna live my life completely trusting Him because in Him I could do all things. Then this morning whilst studying for an exam, I realised that I hadn't had devotions in a minute ( meaning in a while) I haven't opened my bible in probably a week. So here I was trying to be a better Christian by my own strength, trying to be more connected to God without even allowing God to be in the picture. Isn't that crazy???? but I know I'm not the only young person who does it. You can't get closer to God by deciding your going to do it, and then try to do it  without Him. The only way we're gonna be any better as a Christian and have a close relationship with Christ is to live in constant communication with Him which is a difficult task if Christ to you is an idol. Take God out of the idolistic box that you've confined Him to.  See Him as being with thoughts, personality, likes, dislikes, yes even feelings. Learn about Him and his character  by constantly reading the bible, and talking to him through prayer. When people hear the word prayer their mindset switches and they immediately revert to this rigid repetitive form, but prayer is in essence just a conversation . The only difference between prayer and a conversation is that a conversation is you talking to another person and a prayer is you having a conversation with God. Jesus who died on that Friday evening, and rose that Sunday morning is not an idol. Stop making Christianity out to be idol worship.

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