Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What? God doesn't exist?

Ok so, you've read my previous posts, and your like what is she yapping about, there is no God, there is no proof of God, no one has seen God therefore he doesn't exist. As far as your concerned God is  fairy tale.

Well, I am sure your a smart person a very learnt person, but how much of all there is to know, do you know?
Give me a percentage. All the knowledge that exist in the world today how much of it have you acquired? Can you name all the emperors in the 16th Dynasty of China of hand right now? Can you name all the primes minister's of England for the past 100 years along with the names of wives and children? What about all the species of fish in the sea... yes every single on of them and their characteristics? where on the food web do they reside? Who hunts them? What do they hunt? How do they contribute to their habitat? Tell me, of all the books that were published  since  1999 how much of them have you read? Ok fine, what about the beginning of 2012 how much of them have you read? ......Even the most learnt persons in the most prestigious University or the most  ingenious  Scientist in a lab somewhere has to admit.. out of all the knowledge to be had in the world, with all there experience and learning  they have accumulated approximately  10% of all the knowledge that exist (I'm being very generous with that percentage).  Lets look at it logically, since those who choose not to believe in God tend to look at the world logically and critically. If you have between 5-10% of the whole worlds knowledge (meaning your super smart)  you know 5-10% of all there is to know. Is it possible that God exists in 90-95% of the realm of the knowledge that you haven't acquired?

I'll leave you to ponder that question.

To add to the list of things to ponder.... looking at that 90-90% chance that God does exist and you just dont know it, thats a PRETTY high percentage. Wouldn't logic, science and sensibility dictate that you live your life in favor of the >90% and not in line with <10%?

Do you feel that seed of doubt in your mind? It means that you have some researching to you, and once you start looking for God, He will find you.

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