Tuesday, 2 October 2012

' Sin = what? '

What is Sin?

A lot of people in the world today, especially the youth, put sin in a category where it should not be. What do I mean by that? Well, today sin is categorised with fun, a good time, enjoying ones self. Which is what Satan has done to effectively get and keep young people away from God. When you truly understand the essence of sin, the Christian pathway will become  a bit easier to travel.

Sin as defined by the dictionary is the transgression of the divine Law, or a reprehensible action.
When you really look at it sin is sooo much more than breaking a law. The essence of sin is much deeper much more sinister than just that.

We were perfect God made us perfect in every way. We were immortal, when we were made there was no end sight, God made us and everything around us to live for ever. One person decided to try sin. One person decided to test drive sin, and  when she did, it was automatically internalised and rotted her and everything else from the inside out.

I think of sin as a curse. Picture it. Humanity in the form of Adam and Eve had a choice, we chose sin and immediately we started to die.  Right away what was immortal became mortal, what was supposed to always be has an end. ... Listen to yourself  breathe for a minute .. no really stop and listen. With every one of those gulps of air you die. Every morning you wake up thinking you have new life, you don't your one step closer to your expiration date, your one day closer to death. Right now life is an oxymoron because with every moment that you live you die. This is what sin has done to you.

With every year crime , violence , hatred, drug abuse, sexual abuse, sickness, Hurricanes  Tornadoes, earthquakes, famine and war grew more and more intense. Every day leaves drop of the trees, a flower blossoms and dies, someones mother dies, someones sister is raped, some child is molested and I can go on and on...... This is what sin has done to the world.

There is nothing good, fun or jovial about sin. That's why Jesus  pleads with us to repent of our sins and then to go and sin no more! He calls us to a life free of sin, he calls us to a life of quality, happiness and purity in him. How can something that is Killing you be too good to give up.  That's the equivalent of someone who has cancer being handed and actual cure but refusing to take it."Naw man I'm cool.. this junk right here, this cancer right here, its just too good to give up."(o.O) Jesus understands the toxicity of sin and now so do you.

Hold you head up high and live the Christians life of quality and purity with a satisfied smile on your face, because because despite what many believe... just look around you, Sin fun.

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