Thursday, 27 December 2012

Anyone looking for a Shepherd?

Psalms 23.
The Lord is My Shepherd.
This psalm, this one sentence in this psalm is filled with so many meanings and life lessons.
Most of us have never seen a sheep let alone understand the role of a Shepherd.
In this sentence the key concept is the relationship between the sheep.
When you really look at it... what do sheep really do for themselves. Anytime we see sheep on TV or hear about them in a book, they are in a pasture grazing. Sheep are always eating! that's all the day everyday eat and then sleep at night. Sheep don't find food for themselves, they don't protect themselves from wolves or lions, they don't find a safe place to dwell. They just eat, because food and protection is the Shepherd's job. David says the Lord is my Shepherd.  When you understand the role of a Shepherd you can truly appreciate the passage. A Shepherd goes out and finds food, a Shepherd has a staff to attack anything that threatens a sheep, a Shepherd is the one who creates a pasteur. What is a pasteur? It's and enclosed area of grass for sheep to graze in normally enclosed with gate or a fence  What is the grass for... food, what is the fence for... protection. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want Psalms 23:1.
With your God assuming the role of a Shepard of your life, what else could you possibly want?

When you look at the anatomy of sheep, there are no defence mechanisms on the sheep, they don't have long sharp claws, they don't have big sharp teeth, they don't have legs built for speed or agility and the very few that have horns cant do any damage with it because they have neither the strength nor the skills to use it. They don't need any defence mechanisms because they have a Shepherd. The sheep are totally dependent on the Shepherd because the things that they are up against they don't stand a chance.This is why the Shepherd creates a safe heaven filled with food and a barrier for security.

This is the role that God wants to play in our lives, He wants to be our Shepherd  but are you humble enough and or trusting enough to be his sheep?

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