Monday, 11 June 2012

There is a Demon In Your Life!

The Devil is after you. If you life is filled with conflict, pain, and strife at every corner. If your have financial troubles, relationship issues, or if you find yourself doing something wrong over and over again. Then there are demons in your life that are blocking your blessing and  blocking your happiness. The only way to stop this is to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. If you haven't your the devil's to do what he pleases. If you say your neutral and choose neither Jesus nor Satan then you have made a choice, which is NOT to choose Jesus, and no matter what if you don't choose Jesus then by default you belong to satan. Many people think that everything is fine because , they don't see anybody levitating, speaking in scary voices etc, the absence of these things doesn't mean your life is evil free. If you want to be free from all the restrictions put on your life by these evil forces you MUST pray to God, pray out loud, and say:
 Jesus I want you in my life, I accept you as my one and only master. I order satan and his demons out of my life, they have no permission to be here , I order them to take every restriction that has been placed in my life and leave in your name. I give to you ever sin I have committed, every action that has opened the door for them to come in, and I ask for forgiveness. Amen

You MUST say this out loud for the devil to hear as he can't read your thoughts. Make sure the devil knows he's being defeated!


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