Thursday, 31 May 2012

Amazing Love

The love of God, can only be described by someone who has felt it. Its this incomprehensible ever present feeling, that makes every situation no matter how bad be ok.

Every human being goes through that point in their life where they feel alone, maybe worthless or un-accomplished the love of God quiets all those feelings. It brings this peace and calm that you experience through nothing else. If you live a life turmoil or constant change the love of God is that one thing that is constant that will never change. If you have had your heart broken by someone, every been cheated on, the love of God is that one thing you can trust because it will never leave you nor can it ever be stolen. If your the over achiever who is always under pressure the love of God is that powerful force cheering you along the way. If your the person whose life is in a rut, who isn't proud of where they are today, the love of God is the force that's willing you to better yourself.

The love of God is amazing..

Day 2 #TheDivineLove

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